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Are you frustrated by the limitations of Windows Explorer?

Directory Opus is a complete replacement for Explorer, with far more functionality than any other file manager available today.

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Directory Opus

Directory Opus is your complete file management solution for Windows.

You're in control.

Not just a simple file manager; Directory Opus lets you make your computer yours.

With a flexible user interface and unbelievable configurability, you can tailor Opus to streamline your workflow.

  • Dual panes, dual trees, multiple tabs.
  • Filter, sort, group your folders. Label and rate your files.
  • Queued file copies. Powerful batch renaming. Full archive support.
  • Find your files. Locate duplicates. Synchronize backups.
  • Assign tags and descriptions. Convert images. Edit metadata.
  • Fully multi-threaded, native 64 bit high performance code.

Whatever you want to do - Opus can probably do it. And if it's not built-in, you can take advantage of the unrivalled configurability to extend Opus using external tools.

Directory Opus 13 now available! See what's new...

What makes Opus unique?

Built for speed

Opus is written in native C++ multi-threaded code; compiled for the latest 64 bit CPUs, with high performance our number one design principle.

Fully configurable

Change the colors. Change the fonts. Change the toolbars and menus. Set up hotkeys. Opus adapts to how you want to use it.

Makes file management a breeze

Powerful searching, sorting, grouping, labelling and tagging features let you take control of your files like never before.

Endlessly extensible

Work with third-party tools as easily as with the built-in features. A full scripting interface, including scriptable dialogs, means your imagination is really the only limit.

Replace Windows Explorer and don't look back

Our unique Explorer Replacement mode provides a full replacement for Windows Explorer.

  • Single or dual pane file display and folder trees
  • Tabbed interface let you keep multiple folders open and switch quickly between them
  • Integrated viewer, metadata editor and utility panel
  • Built-in tools including synchronize and duplicate file finder
  • Leverage indexed search engines like Windows Search and Everything

High performance file management features

Copy, move, rename, duplicate, archive, view, backup and delete your files with ease

  • Queue multiple file copies for improved performance
  • Batch renaming including easy-to-use keyboard macros
  • Support for FTP and archive formats like Zip, 7Zip and RAR
  • Quickly filter, sort, group and search your folders
  • Color-code your files, assign status icons, star ratings, tags and descriptions
  • View images, documents and more. Image marking lets you sort your photos quickly and easily
  • Calculate folder sizes and print or export folder listings

Unrivalled configurability

Why let the programmers decide for you? You can tailor Opus to look how you want it to look, and to work how you want it to work.

  • Choose from light mode, dark mode, or design your own theme
  • Over 600 configurable colors and fonts
  • All toolbars and menus can be edited, plus you can add your own
  • Floating toolbars can act as program launchers
  • Configure your own hotkeys that work everywhere or just in Opus
  • Full scripting interface lets you design your own dialogs and add your own commands


Supported on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.

Try free for 30 days or for an extended 60 day trial.

Older Versions

For registered users only.

Buy Directory Opus

A standard Directory Opus licence entitles you to use the program forever, and comes with of free updates and unlimited technical support via our support forum.



  • Install Opus on one computer
  • FREE personal laptop licence
  • Lifetime technical support
  • of free updates
    (then $/yr)



  • Install Opus on five computers
  • FREE personal laptop licence
  • Lifetime technical support
  • of free updates
    (then $/yr)
Prices are shown in Australian dollars (AUD). Please check your local exchange rate.

Upgrade Directory Opus

All registered users are entitled to a discounted upgrade to Directory Opus 13, with of free updates for home/SOHO licences.

Opus 13 is supported on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.


Activate Product Token

Use this to activate a "product token" or "boxed product code" to issue or upgrade your Directory Opus licence.

Renew Upgrade Subscription

If your upgrade subscription has expired, you can renew it here.

  • Directory Opus licences are perpetual (you can keep using the version you bought forever).
  • If your subscription expires, you won't be able to install updates or access new features and improvements.
  • For GOLP (corporate volume) licences, please email sales@gpsoft.com.au to renew your maintenance.


Volume Licencing

Volume licences starting at 11 seats are available for small businesses and corporations under the GP Software Open Licence Plan (GOLP)

The following table illustrates the progressively cascading pricing levels for multiple licences. After the initial order, extra licences may be purchased at any time at the qualifying rate for the current number of licences held.

Please email sales@gpsoft.com.au to arrange the purchase of GOLP licences.

Quantity Discount Example Total Average
11-25 25
26-50 50
51-100 100
101-250 250
250+ 500
  • Prices shown are in Australian dollars (AUD). Please check your local exchange rate.
  • Prices shown include 10% GST.
  • Prices shown include Advanced FTP, but licences can be purchased without this addition.
  • Maintenance is not included but can be added at time of purchase.
  • Technical support under the GOLP must be via a single designated support contact only.


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