Are you a 32-bit refugee?
Are you seeking asylum from the harsh practices and persecution of your current 32-bit file manager?

Directory Opus can offer you all the safety, comfort and security of a modern, 21st century file manager, including:
  • Full support for the latest Windows versions
  • 100% C++, which unlike archaic languages like Visual Basic allows the use of multiple threads for high performance
  • Native support for ZIP files, 7-Zip, RAR and many other archive formats
  • Native support for mobile devices like phones and cameras
  • Built-in FTP support
  • Full support for UAC (Opus does not rely on Explorer for UAC support)
  • And of course - a native 64 bit version, providing compatibility with 64-bit shell extensions, full access to 64-bit file locations and the ability to get the most out of your modern computer without the limitations of an old-fashioned 20th century application holding you back

To help with your emigration to a new, modern file manager, we're pleased to offer existing users of certain 32-bit only file managers a $25 discount on the purchase of a new Directory Opus Pro licence.

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