Add Optional Features

If you have already purchased Directory Opus you can upgrade your licence using the My Account page.

Optional Features are features that you can select at the time you purchase Directory Opus, or add later. By making these features (which are more specialised, and therefore not of use or interest to everyone) optional we are able to reduce the base price of a Directory Opus licence.

To include optional features in your Directory Opus licence, simply select them under the Licences and Optional Features section on the order form.

If you have already purchased Directory Opus, you can add optional features to your existing licence using the My Account page.

USB Export

The USB Export feature allows you to export your Directory Opus installation to a USB device (thumb drive, etc) and run it portably on any computer.

Your entire configuration is exported along with the program. On 64 bit systems you are able to select whether you want a 32 or 64 bit version exported.

You can purchase as many USB export licences as you like; one licence is required for every USB device you export Directory Opus to.

Advanced FTP

Advanced FTP enables support for Secure FTP protocols, including:
  • Secure FTP via SSL

Both Implicit and Explicit Secure FTP connections are supported. Implicit means the client (Opus) issues an AUTH command and asks for an SSL connection. Explicit means the client assumes the server is running a SSL connection on port 990 and attempts to immediately open a connection (for example, as used by the excellent FTP server - Serv-U). Normally, implicit connections are recommended.

Note that if the SSL connection is not accepted, then the FTP connection will fail. For security reasons it will not auto-fall back to a non-secure connection instead, and you will get an error message informing you that a secure connection could not be established.

  • SFTP over SSH on port 22

This system is based on the freeware Putty source code of Psftpa by Simon Tatham et al. Opus provides a seamless integration of the SSH connection type on port 22 and FTP over that connection as if it were a normal FTP connection. The SFTP protocol is more limited than normal FTP and some options in the FTP settings do not apply to SSH - these will be ghosted when this connection type is chosen. Because Opus essentially is based upon the Putty system, any settings from an existing Putty installation stored in the registry should be recognized and used as if you were connecting via the command line Putty version.