Upgrade Discount

Registered users of Directory Opus Pro are entitled to a discount when upgrading.

Registered Directory Opus Pro users are entitled to a discounted upgrade to Directory Opus 12.

  • See what's new in Directory Opus 12.
  • You can evaluate the new version for up to 60 days before upgrading.
  • You can add extra licences when upgrading and receive the same discount on the extra licences.
  • Optional features you've already purchased (Advanced FTP, USB export) will carry across to your new licence.
  • To upgrade Directory Opus Light to Pro, click here.

To begin the upgrade process, enter your registration code in the field below, then press the Upgrade button. The price to upgrade will be shown on the next page (you need to do this even if you are entitled to a free upgrade).

Enter your registration code to begin the upgrade process.

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