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Intellectual Property Rights

Jonathan Potter originally developed the Directory Opus file manager in the 1980s for the Amiga computer and it has been under continuous development since that time. A partnership was formed between Jonathan Potter and Dr Greg Perry of GPSoftware to carry on this development in 1993. We have noted with some disquiet that software clones for Windows and Linux have been published in recent years which have apparently stolen many of our concepts and intellectual property developed in earlier versions of Directory Opus. Some have even had the audacity to use our trademarked names, copyrighted logos and ideas in the product names and related material in order to pass themselves off as products related to Directory Opus.

Such actions are illegal and an infringement of our intellectual property rights. Directory Opus is the only genuine Opus product developed for the Amiga or Windows by Jonathan Potter and GPSoftware and we will take action against anyone attempting to pass off software which infringes upon our trademarks or the intellectual property of Directory Opus.