Significant discounts apply for upgrades from previous versions of Directory Opus Pro.

Directory Opus comes in two editions - Light and Pro.

  • The Light edition is designed for home users who need a simple, high-performance file manager. It includes all the essential features of the Pro edition, without a lot of the more complex "power-user" functionality.
  • The Pro edition is designed for power users who want to get the most out of their computer. With the same high-performance file management functions that are found in the Light edition, it expands upon the complexity and configurability to give you the ultimate file manager solution for Windows.
If you're not sure which version is right for you, you can switch back and forth freely between Pro and Light during the 30 day evaluation period using the Licence Manager.

If you'd like to give the Pro edition a better test, you can request a free 60 day evaluation. And if you buy the Light version, you can upgrade to Pro later for only the difference in price (* Applies to same major version only).

  Light Pro
Fast and powerful file management functions including copy queuing and batch file renaming and full UAC support Yes Yes
Dual-pane, tabbed interface Yes Yes
Configure your own toolbar buttons and menus Yes Yes
Powerful searching, sorting, grouping and filtering functions including integrated Windows Search Yes Yes
Integrated image and document viewer Yes Yes
Native support for archives (ZIP, 7-Zip, RAR, etc) and Libraries Yes Yes
Option for portable USB version Yes Yes
Technical support and free minor updates Yes Yes
Efficient, native C++ multi-threaded design Yes Yes
Available in 32/64 bit versions, and in multiple languages Yes Yes
Windows Explorer replacement including desktop double-click to launch   Yes
Completely configure the user interface including the default toolbars, menus and icons   Yes
Create floating toolbars and system-wide hotkeys to launch programs from anywhere in Windows   Yes
Improved file management functions including recursive filters, secure delete, UAC administrator mode, multiple undo levels and logging   Yes
Synchronize, Duplicate File Finder, file Split and Join functions   Yes
Create complex multi-line scripts and add your own commands to the existing internal command set   Yes
Full Active Scripting-compatible scripting interface   Yes
Read/write support for archive formats other than ZIP   Yes
Integrated FTP support   Yes
Native support for portable devices (MTP) like phones, tablets and cameras   Yes
Integrated metadata editing   Yes
Use Flat View mode and File Collections to better manage your files   Yes
Open multiple windows easily, create your own pre-defined layouts or Lister styles   Yes
Create stored queries using Windows Search for instant access to complex search results   Yes
Priority technical support, discounts on future major upgrades   Yes