View Modes

Files and folders in the file displays can be shown in a number of different view modes. You can change view mode using the drop-down View menu in the default toolbar:

    View Mode Menu.png 


Next to the View menu are three buttons that provide quick access to the most commonly used view modes:

    View Mode Buttons.png

From left-to-right the buttons represent Details mode, Details + Thumbnails mode, and Thumbnails mode.


You can use the Folder Options system to automatically apply a view mode to specific folders. For example, you could have Opus automatically display your pictures library in thumbnails mode.


The available view modes are:


Don't forget that in the modes that don't display any information besides the filename, you can hover over a file to view its info tip (tooltip). The info tip will often show you lots of pertinent information about a file, and you can configure exactly what's shown from the File Types dialog.