Significant discounts apply for upgrades from previous versions of Directory Opus Pro.

Technical support is provided electronically via the Directory Opus Resource Centre. Registered users receive free lifetime technical support.

  • The first time you use the support forum you need to create an account.
  • For priority support registered users should link their Directory Opus Registration to their Resource Centre account using the form below. Linking your account guarantees that your questions will be attended to by GPSoftware technical support experts.
  • Then simply visit the forum to post a support request.
  • For non-technical issues (e.g. sales or licencing enquiries) please see the Contact page.

Link your Directory Opus Registration to your Resource Centre Account for priority support.

Registration Code:
  This is your Directory Opus registration code.
Forum User Name:
  This must be your username on the Opus Resource Centre.
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You can find this from your account settings page.