Folder Options Dialog

The Folder Options dialog can be accessed using the Folder / Folder Options command from the default Menu toolbar, or by right-clicking the file display column header and choosing More.

    folder options - top bit.png 

The Save Format section at the top of the Folder Options dialog is a quick way to manage the stored folder format for the current folder. If you want to change an aspect of the display for a folder permanently there are two ways to do it; you can go into Preferences, to the Folder Formats page, and define a folder format for that folder. Or, using the Folder Options dialog, you can make the changes in real time and then save them to create a folder format automatically.

Selecting the Save button brings up the Save Folder Format dialog:


There are three main options when saving a format:

Below the Save Format section are six tabs which give you access to the various options that can be configured as part of the folder format.